At we are helping law firms, companies and notaries across the State of Texas take the next step available under Texas Online Notary law and utilize our remote online notary platform and service to do online notarizations.  This post is designed for notaries, office managers, attorneys and business owners and covers some important things to know when enhancing the skill set and online notary commission of employee notaries in your firm to realize the efficiencies, benefits and cost savings of online notarizations.

Rules and Technical Training for Online Notaries: Since Texas traditional and online notaries are public officials and responsible for their notarial acts each should be familiar with and follow the laws and rules governing the notarial acts of a Notary Public for both traditional and online notarizations including Texas Government Code Chapter 406 and Texas Administrative Code, Title 1, Part 4, Chapter 87.  When we train a new online notary in the technical use of the platform we discuss the technology that is required under the rules for online notarizations – for example, the credentialing and identity proofing (knowledge based authentication test) for certain principals.

x.509 Certificates, Seals and Assistance with Commissioning:  In order to be quickly up and running as a Texas online notary provides low-cost x.509 signing certificates, electronic seal (stamp) and assistance with the online notary application process.

Training and assistance with commissioning takes approximately one and a half hours and with a business account for a law firm or corporation your employee notaries will have a platform that includes the required recordings, electronic records and storage.  At we provide a turnkey process for online notarizations.   

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